1998-06-30: Union Of The Staves

Sonoma Edition

Union Of The Staves

Author: Ryder Seleman Published: June 30, 1998

MAGINCIA - - Harris the finder, a local resident of Magincia, returned trimphant a few days ago from the dungeon Deceit. Along with his hardy band of adventurers, he celebrated his victory at the Great Horns Tavern (the cider is highly recommended). I had the great luck to be in town reporting on the broken walkway to the docks, and hearing the commotion in the tavern I slipped inside to watch and listen from a quiet corner.

What I saw and heard was most amazing. It seems Harris had gone to Deceit in search of a certain vile lich, named Detrivix, who held the powerful Staff of the Sun, once a possession of Harris’ and stolen many years ago by a marauding band of orcs.

The lich apparently expected Harris’ visit and entrapped him with some powerful spell, causing Harris to lose his own free will. To the horror of those in the dungeon, Harris began to hand to the lich the staves of the Sky, the Sea, and the Land. But, when someone shouted to Harris to use the staff of the Land on the lich, Harris awakened from his trance long enough to take a feeble swing, and the lich was forced to back off. Immediately, the lich started again to exert its control over the poor man, and promised him riches and fame and power. But again Harris managed to break free long enough to hit the lich with the powerful staff. It seems that the lich had some connection with the staff of the land, for upon contact, the lich reverted to human form and was quickly slain by the waiting warriors.

Harris has been able to recover all four of the staves, and after years of waiting, intends to perform a ceremony to unite them, based on information found in a book by the mage Noramus. The ceremony is expected to occur soon, but Harris has been instructed by various mages and scholars to discover the specifics of the union first. Harris informed your author that, should the reader be so inclined, all are invited to attend the ceremony when it occurs. He expects it to be in the Lycaeum if the sages will allow it, and asks those who wish to be in the audience to find him at his office in the Merchant’s Guild here in Magincia to learn when he chooses a date for the great event.

As your author I am forced also to report that certain elements of Harris’ party, upon returning from Deceit, expressed concern about the union of the staves. “Harris does not understand their power," said one mage who shall remain anonymous,"and he must consult with scholars to determine how safe it might be." Another bystander pointed out, "the staff of the sea was held by the pirate, Captain Wyrmheart, for years and years, and has been corrupted so that even Harris does not know how to use it. I worry about the union if one of the staves is impure.” In the interests of a balanced article, I submit this information to my reader to make an informed decision on whether or not to attend the ceremony.