1998-07-04: Seer Halo Brings Lecture To More Shards

Baja & Catskills Editions

Seer Halo Brings Lecture To More Shards

Author: Mallat Rhyquon Published: July 4, 1998

Last week’s Conversational Britannian lecture was such a success (See: Moonglow Lycaeum Lecture Series Draws Large Numbers, Lifestyle Section, Monday, June 29), that the lecture series organizers have decided to continue it throughout the other shards of Britannia. Tomorrow, the lecture will move to the shard of Britannia known as Catskills, and if time permits in Seer Halo’s schedule, Baja as well.

The Conversational Britannian lecture was developed by Seer Halo, a longtime citizen of Britannia, and the lecture covers the proper use of the language native to the land. “Many people hear the shopkeepers speaking with all the ‘thees, thous, and thys’," said Seer Maverick, organizer of the lecture series, "but they are not really sure how to use the language themselves. That’s why Seer Halo gathered his notes and decided to share his knowledge of the language with anyone who desires to learn it.”

The last Conversational Britannian lecture drew scores of people interested in bettering their knowledge of the language. The lectures usually last around fifteen to forty-five minutes, and the teaching seer then takes questions from the audience for as long as his or her schedule permits.

“It makes for an interesting day," said Seer Maverick, "but I do wish to remind people that this is not a typical ‘quest’, as many think of it. This is a chance to learn and increase knowledge of the world around us. There are no monsters to fight and no treasure to be gained, unless, of course, you count knowledge as treasure... which I certainly do.”

The lecture is expected to start between 2PM and 3PM Central Time. The town criers will begin shouting of the event thirty minutes to one hour before it starts. Transportation will be provided through a red moongate on the second floor of the Britain Library, and return transportation will be provided through a red moongate on the grounds of the Moonglow Lycaeum.