1998-07-06: Britannians Herd Cows for Local Farmer

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Britannians Herd Cows for Local Farmer

Author: Farmer Spock Published: July 6, 1998

Greetings Britanians! Tis I farmer Spock with a tale of the people of Sosaria working together to help a man in need. It seems the fall had been quite bountiful with regards to my fields, so naturally greater harvests tend to have a more positive effect on my herd. It seems I had sent five cows out to pasture and they multiplied before my very eyes!

At first I assumed some prankster mage had summoned some cattle to bewilder me, but upon closer inspection, the cattle were very real and very fatted! I stopped a traveller on his way to town and asked him to deliver tidings from me to the butcher, and also to bring back word of when I might bring in some of my beasts to be turned into meat for the upcoming winter. The traveller was reluctant at first, but once some gold and a few vegetables (for he was hungry) were dropped upon his palm, he agreed to do as I had asked.

Sometime later he returned with word that the butcher could take my cattle only within the next day or he would be too backed up as many more were ahead of me on the registry. How was I too get my entire herd there in a day! And more importantly , how would i manage a herd by only myself? I had no other option but to turn towards the good people of Britain for help.

Upon entering town I was greeted with the sight of two men killed right before me. Apparently their guild had been the wrong one to be in on this day. I walked up with the herd which seemded ready to bolt at the first sight of daylight. I had only minutes before the entire assembly erupted in a stampede that would no doubt have the king seeking my head as to why cattle were released upon his populace. I began yelling to the crowds "Cattlehands needed! 500 gold purse paid to each man who aids me!"

It took only a few minutes before ears perked up and many came forward accepting my offer.They came from all walks of life to get behind the herd and "get them doggies going!" as one man, Hoss, put it.The citizenswith a little instuction, herded the lumbering beasts into a corral procured for the day from a noble who owned the neighboring stable as well.

Upon the cattle being secured and their numbers checked,each was paid in full.Many informed that they were new to this land and imparted that they were at a loss as to what to do first. I informed them cattle rearing was probably not feaseable as of yet, but my farm may need them to help again some time. I'd like to personally extend my gratitude to all the Makeshift cowboys out there who aided me in getting my beef to the corral. The ribs you dine on tonight may very well not have been there were it not for the generosity of your fellow britainians. So I bid you all farewell and safe travels,


Farmer Spock

House al-Nasir