1998-07-22: Spoils Of War

Catskills Edition

Spoils Of War

Author: [[UO:]] Published: July 22, 1998

I awoke to the sounds of metal clanging and voices shouting. Warriors and Mage alike ran through the streets preparing for battle. The Orcs had returned from the far reaches of the lands with their spoils of war and were gathering for their animalistic postwar gathering. The Warriors guild had sent spies to the Orc fort near cove to determine the size of the group. Out of the twenty spies only one returned, badly beaten and dying. His final words were "They plan to burn Cove, they are on the march. When Orcs get together in large numbers they become filled with blood lust and strength.

I followed a well-outfitted party through a gate to the city of Cove. As I stepped through the gate I could smell the blood on the wind. Even though I have been to many a battle and covered many a war I will never get use to that sickening stench. The battle raged right outside the gates of Cove. The Guards and Warrior fought side by side to stop the forces. I saw several warriors fall to the axe of an Orc captain. For the first time in my life I witnessed a guard fall in battle. The battle ragged on for two days and a night. Hundreds of warriors came to lend their sword or magic’s. The fight down the path leading to the Orc fort was the deadliest, warriors used what ever means they could to gain some ground or advantage. In an open field the Orcs in their large numbers had the upper hand. Warriors fell left and right, yet more brave souls followed right behind them to close the ranks. We pressed into the fort cutting a clean path, for the warriors now had a second strength and they too showed the same bloodlust as the Orc they fought.

The Orcs had indeed been hoarding goods from past battles for the fort was stocked with weapons, armor and gold to weigh down sixty packhorses. The spoils were ours we were the victors. To all the warriors and mages who risked their well being and goods to protect Cove, I thank thee.

“Alone I stand on this field of battle to meet my demise. Together I stand with my brother warriors on the path to victory”.
-Quote from Hytlus The Great, hero of the fabled Orcish War.