1998-07-31: Moonglow Receives The Addition Of A Second Healer’s Shop

Napa Valley Edition

Moonglow Receives The Addition Of A Second Healer’s Shop

Author: Genn Wintord Published: July 31, 1998

Arisa’s new healer shop The healer’s guild recently funded the opening of a second public shop in Moonglow, next to the Moonglow Academy of Arts, north of the town’s east gates. I hath had the liberty to speak with local guildmaster, Clay, as to the reasons behind the expansion.

“The shop was opened," said Clay, "with a portion of the gold we had received as donation from one of our most gifted students.The student, Arisa, hath shown great generosity towards aiding our efforts, and thus we felt it sound to provide her with a place from which she may continue her work in the healing arts.”

Arisa, apparently the heir to a large Magincian estate, donated the sum of eight-hundred thousand gold coin to the guild. This was said to be all that she recived from her grandfather, the noble Alcon in Magincia, upon his death.

Look thee, citizens and students of Moonglow, for this new place, and wish the lady Arisa good will and luck in her endeavours for the health of your community!