1998-10: Healing the Enemy

Global Edition

Healing the Enemy

Author: Leora Vale Published: October 1998

After the mysterious poisoning of the captured FOA prisoner, I had received news that Willum the guard was seeking special reagents to cure their sick condition. He spread word far and wide with many citizens responding to his call for assistance. They searched for quite some time., but the search was fruitful. Mandrake, Ginseng, and Nightshade plants were brought to Willum at the Court of Truth in Yew, and he then went to find an alchemist to specially prepare the mixture. As of now, the prisoner rests in the jails behind the court recuperating.

I later managed to talk to Willum though 'twas hard to reach him amongst the crowd of people surrounding him. We made our way to the side of the court away from the crowds. He glanced at me with a hard expression although a bit of worry was apparent by the way he furrowed his brow. Willum assured me that the prisoner was on the road to recovery and that the hunt for the natural reagents was a big success. I asked if there was anything else he could tell me, and he quickly shook his head. A bit too quickly if ye ask me, but his fear is understandable. I shall remain in contact with Willum and await news of further developments in the condition of the prisoner and anything else related.