1998-10: Prisoner Poisoned

Global Edition

Prisoner Poisoned

Author: Lumin Hurst Published: October 1998

In the dark of night, a pair of expert assassins managed to slip past the guard of the Yew prison. Somehow evading the skilled guards and making their way towards the cell of the FoA prisoner, they expertly delivered a vicious poison, leaving not even the slightest wound upon the victim. Indeed, they had already begun to flee before the poisoning was noticed.

Willum, a guard at the prison, sprang quickly into action was the deed had been detected. The town criers were alerted; an alarm was raised. News spread quickly and the brave men and women of Britannia soon arrived to offer their aid. Search parties were formed and before long the assassins were found loitering about the forests east of Yew. Though details are sketchy on what exactly transpired, one gathers that they fought with great skill but were severely outnumbered. The villains slain, the heroes of the day returned to the Court of Truth in Yew, whereupon they were congratulated and rewarded by Willum.

From speaking with Willum himself, I have gathered some additional details. A pair of notes were in the possession of the assassins, one a list of poison ingredients, the other from a man named Gruzak. While Willum was understandably reluctant to share more than this, he assured me that the guard has matters in good hands. Furthermore, sages are already hard at work discovering an antidote for the poison.