1998-11-30: Interview With Sydney

Atlantic Edition

Interview With Sydney

Author: Troy Lauder Published: November 30, 1998

I was strolling through Trinsic, casually making my way to the bank, when I noticed a familiar site. The blue-armored figure of Sidney, the famous retired tinker whose home was nearby, was making his way through town. What was unfamiliar was the way in which he was hurriedly moving about. Sidney is ordinarily a very calm, easy-going man. I realized that something terribly important must be on his mind, so I decided to conduct an impromptu interview with him. Below is the complete, unedited transcript of the conversation that ensued. I leave it to my readers to draw their own conclusions.

Troy Lauder: Hail, Sidney! How goes?

Sidney: Very well, Troy. How are you? I’m in a bit of hurry, if you’ll excuse me.

TL: Well, actually, that’s what I was wondering about. You know that I have the deepest respect for your personal life, but is there something that you’d like to share with the citizens of Britainnia, concerning the on in your life?

S: Hmm... Well, as I’ve told you before, I spend a great deal of my personal time and finances seeking out organized crime, so that they may be brought to justice. I have some leads now, and I must head to Vesper immediately.

TL: Yes, we have talked about this once or twice. But what you’ve never made clear is exactly why it is that you are so interesting in pursuing organized crime. Why is this so important to you?

S: I have my own, personal reasons. But basically, it’s my way of giving something back to the community that has been so kind to me and has made my career such a rewarding one for me.

TL: I see. Well, where did you acquire the information for this latest lead?

S: When I was out of town on some business, my good friend Roy, who also lives here in Trinsic, and whom I think you’ve met before, heard some rumors about one of the crime organizations that I’ve been tracking. He quickly gathered together a group of adventurers to go and investigate. A difficult battle, a tragic one in fact, ensued. However, the party recovered a wealth of information, and my gratitude goes out to them and Roy for all of the hard work that they did.

TL: It’s good to hear that there are people like that. So, what do you plan to do when you reach Vesper?

S: The first matter of business will be to gather together a party to investigate the leads that I have. Then, we will go and see what we can find... I apologize. I have dallied for far too long. I really must be on my way. Good day.

TL: Thank you for your time, Sidney. Best of luck in your endeavors.