1998-12-06: FoA Summon Wisps of Darkness

Global Edition

FoA Summon Wisps of Darkness

Author: J Lee Young Published: December 6, 1998

   Followers of Armageddon reveal their intentions?
   Black Wisps appear above Pentagrams of Blackrock.


Pentagrams of Blackrock?The first part of this story, is that blackrock pentagrams appeared in our land. Two of them to be exact. One of them was located West of the Shrine of Justice (Far northeast of the Moongate to Yew), the other one was located far southeast of the entrance to Destard, just 50 paces away from the bottom west side of that mountain range.

It is assumed that these pentagrams were fashioned with blackrock, the substance that both Nystul and the FoA were collecting from chests across the lands. Here to the right is a screenshot of one of them on Atlantic.

After these pentagrams appeared a week or so passed, and then the FoA decided to use them. On Atlantic, Junin Pince summoned a Wisp of Darkness above the pentagram west of Justice, and Martoo Saul summoned one above the pentagram southeast of Destard. Martoo Saul was killed in that battle I am told.(at least on Atlantic) These black wisps were insanely strong, probably containing more raw strength than one's average Dragon, and seemed to have a limitless amount of mana to draw upon for combat. Some of the poplace sought to protect these wisps, believing their presence to be necessary for research. Most others fought the wisp and it's protectors. After eash wisps death, a black chest was revealed, and a key was found on the body of the wisp to the chest itself. The chests, I'm told, contained a vast amount of treasure, and more blackrock. I found it interesting that something summoned with blackrock would contain more blackrock as its bounty.

Wisps of Darkness proved extremely strong.I suppose that perhaps Junin and Martoo knew they needed more blackrock, so they worked to summon something that would yield them more blackrock to work with. In that case, why waste so much blackrock on two pentagrams?

I'm hoping the pace of these events will pick up sometime soon. I'm tired of waiting for Halston Montil to kick himself into action. Although, considering I've denounced him as a possible traitor, maybe this is the plan all along :P

I'll be very glad to read what you think. Please send me your opinions.