1999-01-08: Attempted Theft Of The Vizier’s Sapphire Necklace

Sonoma Edition

Attempted Theft Of The Vizier’s Sapphire Necklace

Author: Seer Cepheus Published: January 8, 1999

The last Nujel’m town meeting ended in disaster. For only the seventh time in history, a handful of nobles and peasants interested in politics were allowed into the palace to hear this discussion concerning criminal punishments. Among the crowd seated behind the council was a grey and black clad man. This inconspicuous Magincian tailor, or so he called himself, accosted the Vizier after the meeting and, under the pretense that he was interested in hearing more concerning the Vizier’s argument, followed him back toward his bedroom. Once out of sight of the crowd in the palace’s front room, this “tailor" grabbed at the Vizier’s valuable jeweled necklace but didn’t manage to get it off. The Vizier called for the guards, but once they arrived the culprit had already finished chanting the power words "Kal Ort Por”, and was gone.

The most significant piece of evidence is small piece of paper that was found the morning after on the floor of the palace, with the letters “Ins” scribbled on it. This abbreviation, apparently of a guild name, has shown up in two other similar crimes that took place months ago: the robbery of both the Heart of Glory, a massive ruby, from a Magincian noble, and of the Noble Pride, a unique amethyst of rare size and shade, from Vesper’s famous museum. If we assume these events are inter-related, then why are these thieves, or perhaps their employers, collecting such well-known gems when they know perfectly well that they cannot be sold on the open market?

The Vizier is apalled at this violation in his own court, and Frederick, his personal guard, is even more so. “I will find this thief no matter what. My honor and pride depend upon it.” With such great leads to follow, he expects to have the man apprehended very soon. I can only hope that this will be taken care of quickly, but I fear that we shall not see the end of this fiasco for quite a while.

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