1999-01-26: Recovering The Green Mandrake

Lake Superior Edition

Recovering The Green Mandrake

Author: Angus Bloodstone, Reporter Published: January 26, 1999

In front of Senator Robin’s Home and Office a large crowd of worthy adventurers gathered to help find and recover an artifact that was stolen from an exhibit in Yew. Sources confirmed that Cindle, a Thief infatuated with obtaining and selling unusual artifacts on the Black Market, had stolen and made off with it. The artifact is known as “The Green Mandrake,” a Root that is known only to spawn once every 10 years in the forest on the southern tip of the continent. The Root possesses magical properties that is said to be so powerful, that not even the most knowledgeable of Wizards have been able to discover its full potential.

Senator Robin addressed the crowd gathered and told them that his sources confirmed last seeing Cindle in Buccaneer’s Den, and told the group to begin their search there. The group gated to the island and began to spread out to look for this person named Cindle. Upon finding her she told the adventurers that she would lead the group to where the Mandrake was hidden, but only if they give her some “shinnies.” What she really wanted were Gems. Luckily a few of the brave warriors had been carrying quite an assortment of them, and they happily turned them over to her for the information needed to continue. Cindle, happy that she had received payment, began to Gate the adventurers close to where the chest was located.

The chest was hidden in the middle of an Orc camp north of Shame. Her reason for putting the locked chest there was that she felt it would be safe with Orcs in the camp keeping people away and that no one would ever bother to look there. Upon the party arriving at the Camp, massive hordes of Orcs began to storm the adventurers. Wave after wave of Orcs continued to come, the adventurers pulled together and combined forces in order to conquer the evil Orcs. During the combat, an evil Alchemist by the name of Appolonius appeared and began to throw Explosion Potions to the to the brave warriors below, killing a few. The adventurers knew that this evil Alchemist would appear, because Cindle had warned them previous that Appolonius wanted the Root for himself in order to create a devastating potion that would kill massive amounts of people. Eventually the warriors conquered Appolonius, recovered the Green Mandrake Root, and returned to Senator Robin’s house.

Back at the Senator’s House, Senator Robin congratulated the bravest of warrior. Shortly after the beginning of the ceremony, the Senator fell a bit ill and could not stay to finish the festivities. A member of the Senator’s Staff, continued with the group after he left.