1999-02-25: Forest Researcher Vanishes Without A Trace!

Napa Valley Edition

Forest Researcher Vanishes Without A Trace!

Author: Flint Resnick Published: February 25, 1999

Renowned researcher Wendell Hemless is missing and presumed dead after failing to return from his most recent journey into Sosaria’s wilderness a full week after his expected return. Based on rumors and a few scant reports of gargoyles speaking Sosarian, members of Blackthorn’s staff hired Hemless in an effort to prove that other races were as deserving of rights as a species such as humans have been granted.

“We saw this as a perfect opportunity to show that not all of the so-called ‘evil’ races are indeed intent on ridding the land of human beings" said Terrance Bryce, an employee of Lord Blackthorn. "So many times when we send people out to look at orcs and ratmen, they are chased away immediately. If these gargoyles are actually conversing in our own language, imagine the possibilities!”

On the approval of his superiors, Bryce hired one of the best field researchers from Britian, Wendell Hemless, to attempt contact with the gargoyles. Hemless in the field was supposed to return after a week to make his first report and restock his supplies. A week has passed since his expected return and as yet, no sign of Wendell Hemless has been found. Search parties are being organized and all capable citizens are being asked to aid in his return.

Mrs. Hemless was not available for comment, but is rumored to be keeping candle light vigil at Empath Abbey for the safe return of her husband.