1999-03-08: The Singing Sword On Display

Napa Valley Edition

The Singing Sword On Display

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 8, 1999

The legends of enchantment in Britainnia are far and wide, but there are few items that stand out like a sword of songs. A mystical blade with the essence of life, it manages to muster it’s power through voice and tale. These items, their creation process of highest secrecy, are all but vanished from the land now. Those that do remain, are hidden away by those who fear they might become the objects of jealousy or greed. However, rarely, there are those bold enough to allow such precious items as these to be viewed by any and all who wish.

Coming this Friday, witness the extraordinary as Cynthaliniska, owned by local fisherman guildmaster Moore Firth, is put on display for her seasonal song! Located just south from the Sons of the Sea shop in southeast Trinsic, seating and decorations will be provided by the Guild of Enchanters in Moonglow.

Cynthaliniska sings only once per season, so don’t miss this opportunity!