1999-04-13: Vesper And Cove Invaded!

Great Lakes Edition

Vesper And Cove Invaded!

Author: Marlo Murray Published: April 13, 1999

Vesper - Hordes of orcs, trolls, and UO:Ogres overran parts of central Britainnia yesterday, causing widespread damage, destroying property, and killing several dozen citizens.

Only after a remarkable and valiant defense was hastily thrown together by Britainnia’s own men and women were the armies driven off and defeated.

Ogre lord and supposed leader of the army Orgrol was slain in the rampage. No official word as of yet if he were the true mastermind behind this or not.

Regardless, many citizens were most alarmed by the sudden assault, which was fairly localized but very intense.

“The guards did their best on this day, but the sheer numbers were overwhelming," said Rocco Nanan, a local fighter. "It seemed as there were endless waves.”

Officials have launched a full investigation into the matter, citing the brutality and intensity of the attack as reasons to “definitely be on alert.”