1999-04-14: Mongbat Lord And Minions

Napa Valley Edition

Mongbat Lord And Minions

Author: Bella Nightshade Published: April 14, 1999

Hail fellow travelers! As I was out and about doing some hunting… I came upon the entrance of Despise. To my surprise when I arrived near, there were mongbats climbing all over. They were the minions summoned by the Mongbat Lord! I quickly made my way to the town to get help with this mysterious scene! I was quite amazed at this sight. Firstly, never seeing a mongbat lord. It was quite an eerie being indeed, it was dark, almost like a shadow. His minions looked to be of normal mongbats, but it seems he had many summoned. A decent amount of brave warriors joined in this hunt. The mongbats were all vanquished. Which is good indeed! Who knows what this evil mongbat lord would have done if he had gone any further with his followers. We are safe… for now! Hunt safely in the outskirts of town warriors, for you may never know what you may come upon!

Bella NightShade