1999-04-20: Farmers In Britain Slaughtered!

Great Lakes Edition

Farmers In Britain Slaughtered!

Author: P. E. Necil Published: April 20, 1999

My dear readers. Here I am working to get thee the latest information on the monster that killed sheep in Yew. Aye...’tis not just a monster...’tis even worse!

Locals were overheard talking... a blue Dragon! As is rarely seen! As blue as the sky sometimes seen over a blood soaked battlefield.

The guards that witnessed the scene were telling us that they could not do anything. Only chase it away. What can we do if our own guards cannot protect us from this menace?!

Again I had noticed the blue scales scattered around.

Some witnesses heard that the Dragon was muttering about leaving and getting back into hiding.

One old farmer said : “Dat ole dragon... maybe ets jus’ hungry... only seems ta kill what et eats.”

Town guards responded by hauling the old man away with force and he was last seen yelling for bread and ale in the local jail.

So dear readers. What I will do for thee is hunt that creature down. Before he hides. Keep thine eye on mine column.