1999-04-26: Orc Chief Dies In Cove Raid

Drachenfels Edition

Orc Chief Dies In Cove Raid

Author: Unknown author Published: April 26, 1999

Early this afternoon hundreds of orcs pounded their way through the gates of cove. They over ran the guards and took the town for their own. Shopkeepers were tortured and several peasants where found dead in the onslaught.

Warriors poured into the city after hearing the call of the cryers only to be cut down where they stood as their magical gates opened. The orcs had been ready for the attack. As the battle continued the warriors slowly made headway through the town eliminating all the orcs that had taken this peaceful town. A ghost reported seeing a human that looked like an orc. This human was ordering the creatures into battle. This could only be one man, MorLog. Morlog is one of the few half-breeds of human and orc that we know of to this date. Due to his human intelligence MorLog became chief of several of the clans many years back. Until this day Morlog has keep hidden from human eyes, so not to be killed on sight. Showing himself was his undoing.

Hearing of the chief whereabouts the Warriors headed to the orc fort to find MorLog. The warriors cut through the orcs quickly and deftly while searching for the chieftain. Entering one room of the fort the grounds were scattered with gold and weapons, a man sit upon a hand woven thrown while orcs bowed in homage to him. Seeing the humans the orcs attached to defend their chief, they two were cut down. The chief laughed allowed and rushed the warriors taking the first few warriors by total surprise he ended their lives quickly. The warriors gathered together forty to fifty in all and began attacking MorLog. Spells and steel seemed to faintly touch the chief doing little damage. It would seem that the cross between the two races gives the offspring incredible strength and resistance to magic. The final blows the final spell and MorLog lie dead. The Orcs will surely retaliate for this act upon one of their great leaders. We best prepare.