1999-06-23: UO Companion Program

UO Companion Program

Jun 23 1999 2:01PM CST

Coming soon, to a shard near you, Companions will be making their debut. The Companion program is the latest installment in the continuous upgrading of our customer service. The purpose of the Companion program is to team up new Ultima Online players with helpful, experienced players to assist the new player through the first few hours of the UO game experience. Companions will be volunteers who provide advice and guidance to new players who request assistance in understanding skill management and choosing careers in UO. Companions will provide the new player with a veteran's insight into the inner workings of the game.

In any kind of online community, there will always be those who get satisfaction from helping others. These are the people who, once they’ve learned their environment very well, they get continued satisfaction out of assisting their fellow members in learning the ropes of the community. They like to teach the mechanics of the game, the social structures of the community, and the survival and success techniques of the world to those who may be less familiar with them. The Companion program basically gives a title and role, with real responsibilities, and a couple of cool powers, to the people who would like to do this kind of thing in an official capacity within Ultima Online.

Any experienced Ultima Online player that is 18 or older can apply to be a Companion. There will be an application form posted next week for prospective Companions. Do you understand and enjoy participating in the social experience of online gaming? Do you have a desire to help new players get involved with the game? If so, you may be just the kind of person we’re looking for.

Watch the UO website for the upcoming Companion application and more details on the program!