1999-07-03: Interview of Kevin "GM Darwin" Roseler by LumTheMad

Interview of Kevin "GM Darwin" Roseler by LumTheMad

This interview took place on 1999-07-03. It was originally posted on LumTheMad's site.

Lum: Let's hear what Kevin himself has to say. I know asking the actual person involved his thoughts on the matter is a radical departure for online news stories these days, but what the hey, I like to be different.

Lum: Why don't we start with your take on what happened?

Kevin: Ahh, where to start... well, most of what the little jerk said was true.. there is no denying what I did. A really good friend of mine was and is going through a very very rough spot in life... he is having marriage troubles... and needed to get out of debt fast in order to try and save his marriage.

Lum: Well, was there ever anything said about eBay to GMs?

Kevin: well,, kinda a long time ago, like when that first account was sold. I mean I knew if I was caught that I would be fired. But, if I had to do it all over I would do it again... a friend needed me and I stick by my friends. Now that being said, there is the thought that I got something out of this.. well I did, I helped a friend and did not make a dime. There are so many that are never reported. I mean, I am sure all the GM's have done, none were caught for it while I was there (10 months the day they fired me)

Lum: Were any GMs fired for tampering with the game world in the past?

Kevin: A couple of GMs were fired for getting, err, personal with counselors. You see, they had a rule that we could have no relations outside of business with any UO player. Total bullshit if you ask me.

Lum: Did the story Dr. Twister told on his web page about your GM call re the blue thief have anything to do with your being terminated?

Kevin: ahh that was bullshit... and you know that Vader is him right? Nah, it had nothing to do with me losing my job, this was not about job performance. Anyway he was also a counselor... Twister backwards was his counselor name.

Lum: Well I guess that pretty much proves that the Counselor program needed better screening...

Kevin: Aye.. yes it needs much better screening.

Lum: Do you think the temptation of virtual assets being generated and sold for real-world cash occurred to OSI at any point?

Kevin: When that first account was sold, they warned us about it and said not to do it. But, the lure is always there... I mean, I am sure others GM's have done it or are doing it.

Lum: Would it be too nosy to ask how much you were paid as a GM?

Kevin: Nah, we make $10 an hour, and I had been there 10 months the day I was fired and was still a temporary employee.

Lum: I realize most of the GMs at OSI are still friends of yours, but do you think they are adequately trained and staffed?

Kevin: Trained? Yes.. staffed... no, I mean there are times when there is one GM for 2 shards... that makes response times crappy and slow, there should always be one, perhaps two on some shards, ie. Atlantic, Great Lakes, LS, Pacific and maybe Chessie and Cats...

Lum: Do you think OSI will penalize any of the people that you sold real estate to?

Kevin: I would hope not, and here is a good one for you. Know the Nighthawk guy? Anyway, he was supposed to be banned for calling someone a Jap or something... anyway, someone from upstairs ie. the dev team or the community people said to unban him since he had all his friends protest. While this was happening, after he was banned, one of the Lead GMs deleted his tower and other items, so when he was unblocked, he had nothing. He is the one that actually turned me in. What does he get for all this? A placed Castle and much more... I heard over 5 + million gold. You can see how strict they are about racial harassment there.

Lum: I always thought his tower disappearing was somewhat fishy. So Nighthawk turned you in, and OSI rewarded him with a placed castle?

Kevin: Yes, he turned me in... he looked up all my auctions online, not that I was being to careful or anything, and then emailed them saying that a GM may be selling items on Ebay and then they (Origin) called or emailed eBay and found out for sure... and then I was fired. Again, I am not upset or mad with OSI about my my termination as it was my fault, just the way it was handled and now this bullshit letter they post on the site... that is just plain classless

Lum: Do you think OSI thought the reason for your termination would never have been made public? It strikes me that they're trying to protect themselves.

Kevin: Yes, I think they could cover it up and hope nothing came out. I knew it would be public soon enough as Twister's little pet, Shai'Tan emailed me saying he knew all about it. I think OSI, thought they could cover it up by firing me and then posting this bullshit letter on the page, but I knew it would be out soon enough as Twister knew what was up.

Lum: Well I think we've pretty much covered everything... is there something I missed that you'd like to add?

Kevin: Umm, well, yes, if you can add this to the end or something...

Lum: Speak clearly into the microphone...

Kevin: To all the players in UO, it was my pleasure to serve you and help you in the game. I know a lot of you hate me. Well, not hate me personally but the GM persona of me, and for that I am sorry. But, you must understand there is very little the GMs can actually do. That said, I am sorry to all the GMs, PDs and all the players. What I did was very wrong and I have no excuse. All I can say was that I was helping a friend that needed help. Would I do it again? I am not sure, but my guess is yes. Thanks again and farewell all.

Lum: Thanks for your time, Kevin.