1999-07-05: The Fate Of Sindl’s Flame

Sonoma Edition

The Fate Of Sindl’s Flame

Author: Garth Ranzz Published: July 5, 1999

Last eve the UO:Oclloan arbitration council, led by Prelect Erllondo, held a council to determine who possessed ownership of Sindl’s Flame. The Flame, an artifact of grave power, was recently recovered from Sindl’s Lair by the extended efforts of many men and women. It has been kept temporarily within the Sorcerer’s Guild until such time the arbitration council could meet to make the determination.

Seven claimants, including the famed Mage Tower and the Warlords, presented their cases as to why they felt they should be granted title to the artifact. The final argument, given by representatives of the Colloquium of Wind, was underway when the chambers were disrupted by the opening of a moongate.

The late arrival was the Archmage Balart, a dark soul recently returned to this world through what many consider “vile trickery”. He presented a document to Prelect Erllondo. Balart claimed that Sindl was an associate of his, and that she had desired the Flame be granted to him. After an examination of the document, the Prelect quickly agreed that this claim had the most validity, and to the utter surprise of all assembled, granted all legal title and ownership to Balart.

One of the two representatives from the Wind Colloquium, Riekkian, grew most agitated at this ruling, and attacked Balart with a fireball, in front of the curiously oblivious guards. Balart defended himself against the angry mage, and Riekkian soon lay dead. What incited Riekkian to such anger is unclear, as his associates identify him as a calm, composed mage.

As Balart left the arbitration chambers, Sindl’s Flame bobbing after him like a balloon, several other claimants began to assault the mage. With a pained look upon his face, Balart declared, “Fine, if you want it the hard way, so be it. But remember, you forced this action upon me.” and he clapped his hands.

The ground began to shake, and hordes of undead rose from the earth to defend the mage, blocking the path of his attackers. Ceridwen the historian ran towards the still oblivious guards, mouth agape, and somehow managed to wake them enough to help defend their city. A mighty battle ensued, and in the chaotic melee, Balart slipped away. He was observed calmly walking to a boat along the northern shore, Sindl’s Flame in tow. He, and his companion Lord Mrykul, set sail in the direction of Skara Brae. It is presumed that Balart brought the Flame to the long abandoned home, originally occupied by Relvinian, in the center of the Hedge Maze.

In the aftermath several of the claimants, led by Qaladar of the Mage Tower, took exception to the Prelect’s ruling. Prelect Erllondo insisted that the judgment was legally binding, and that the matter was now closed. He then retired to the Inn to get some rest.