1999-08-08: The Cleansing Of The Shrines Begins

Sonoma Edition

The Cleansing Of The Shrines Begins

Author: Garth Rannz Published: August 8, 1999

It was a dark day indeed when the evil Troll, the DarkOne, possessed the body of Andross Explorer, and forced him to commit heinous acts in his name. In an effort to weaken Andross’ spirit and take full and final control of his body, the DarkOne targeted that which Andross held most dear: the Shrines.

The three shrines most beloved to Andross were corrupted by the DarkOne’s evil: Valor, Justice and Spirituality.

Led by the brave souls at the Mage Tower, a solution was sought to restore the Shrines to their previous pure states. Help came from a most unexpected quarter: the Dread Archmage Balart. Many doubt his ultimate intentions, but his information on possible relief has proven helpful so far.

Balart spoke of the studies of another mage, Alkazar, and of his theory that when the Shrines are threatened their power takes root in the fabric of the earth itself—within a plant, rock, or tree. Three books of Alkazar were sought that were thought to contain clues of the possible locations of the sheltered power of the Virtues.

Directed by the scholar Herin N’Boath, many brave adventurers sought and deciphered the mathematical riddles of Alkazar. After solving these riddles, they found three oddly-hued and exceedingly magical trees that seem to contain the aspects of Virtue.

It is presumed that an object shall be constructed from the wood of these trees to rescue the Shrines, but what special tools and Rituals must be located to do so correctly is unknown at this point.