1999-09-23: Massacre At The Mage Tower In Britain!!

Great Lakes Edition

Massacre At The Mage Tower In Britain!!

Author: Survivor and Witness Published: September 23, 1999

Last night a vengeful spirit called Hebban Olla accompanied with his black Ogrelord named Faithful attacked Sinfandel’s laboratory. Sinfandel is a respected mage in service of our city. Many brave citizens fought hard to ward off the horde of black Bloodelementals, who suddenly trashed the laboratory. Witnesses saw Faithful the Ogrelord dragging Oberon (as a yellow serpent) into a moongate as dark as night! Sinfandel could not stop them, as he was battling the black bloodelementals with other brave mages and warriors. One of the witnesses explained that this is the same evil spirit that had been killing many healers in our cities! And that this was to be expected, since the mage Sinfandel was keeping Oberon the Healer, who was under posession by Hebban Olla. The attempt to hide the healer as a yellow Serpent was uncovered. Another witness exclaimed that this is very with Oberon the Healer back into action and serving Hebban Olla the Dark-mage. Some of you readers may remember a sinister tomb called the stone of Souls. Located north west of Trinsic near the shrine of Spirituality. Just between the two lakes. Rumor claimed that this stone entombed the physical body of the Dark-mage, forcing him to be a spirit..unable to return into the flesh. We fear that Oberon the Healer will now try to gather 30 souls to open the Tomb. We urge all Britannians to stay alert and report any suspicious happenings regarding the stone of souls. May we be strong enough to fend this evil off! This just in: Sinfandel was seen near the stone of Souls. Witnesses told us that he was warning the people against Hebban Olla. Sinfandel was heard that Oberon may be among us..serving the dark side..again. Calling himself a failed mage and that he failed Oberon and the healers and not deserving to live..Sinfandel was seen wandering off. Possibly killed.