1999-09-30: Surface Trolls Strike Out

Lake Superior Edition

Surface Trolls Strike Out

Author: Deborah the Scribe Published: September 30, 1999

Towards the end of the most recent High Council meeting, the town criers were a’buzz as a small army of trolls from Minoc marched through the Magincia moongate and towards the town. The battle ran long as many of the High Council, Honor Guard, and attendees of the meeting rushed across town to stop the trolls before they reached the city limits, but eventually they drove off the last of the trolls. Gathered around the moongate after the battle, the High Council discussed meeting in other locations for future meetings to avoid future attacks upon the sleepy city of Magincia and ensure the safety of meeting attendees.

“I reiterate, return the lands of Minoc and Vesper to the Trolls. Withdraw from the Gelidum .... Do not pursue a war. The choice lays within the power of the Council. ” - published statement by Lord Thor Ironside, Minoc Representative, High Council, the morning after the attack.

Much speculation abounds over the possibilities of Lord Ironside’s apparent reversal of position to the Gelidum, especially since frost trolls and ice serpents were the primary attackers in the swamp city of Papua (see related article) recently.

After the Magincia attack and declarations surrounding it, the High Court quickly issued “upon the desires of the High Council” a statement and warrant of arrest upon the charge of treason for Lord Thor Ironside. Lord Ironside is a half-troll and representative of Minoc for the High Council. According to the notice served by High Justicar Katrina Ereidon late last week:

Lord Ironside is not currently considered dangerous and as such, we request all attempts to apprehend him be approached peacefully unless the situation merits otherwise. He is to be brought to Yew prison as soon as possible for detention and questioning.

A couple evenings later, the red grove of trees to the east of the stables in Minoc was the scene of a vicious attack by trolls and a small handful of UO:Ogres. Fresh waves of trolls sprang from their hiding place as many cries of “my town!" and "begone!” filled the air. The guild known as T-F made a strong showing and were some of the first upon the scene. The word spread quickly through the lands, as many a note flew through the winds to make haste to Minoc. After a long battle, aided by many guilds far and wide, the trolls were defeated.

Surface trolls also laid seige to the Moonglow Mage Tower Monday evening, showing no mercy upon the local residents and their pets defending the large floating structure.

“I don’t think they stopped by to get a drink or use the rune collection,” remarked Audra the mage, hiding near a bookcase in Encyclopedia Magicka during the attack.

Tuesday morning, charred scraps of paper found floating on the breezes of Minoc reading “Ma... cia and Minoc.." "night... Tuesday"... ,"... grove ... trees if we...", "G’Tish", and "Trolls” made their way to our office courtesy of our reporters. Appearing to be part of a larger note, the Town Cryer urges anyone with additional information to make it known and quickly, in order to possibly prevent another attack.

Timely as ever, Professor Clio Temesa of the Lycaeum held a discussion-debate upon the topic of “Britainnia, and our non-human neighbors” (specifically the Trolls and the Gelidum) on Wednesday evening.