1999-10-05: Bank Robberies And Gargoyle Invasions?

Napa Valley Edition

Bank Robberies And Gargoyle Invasions?

Author: Sarrah Sirruleane Published: October 5, 1999

I mentioned in my last article some strange occurrences with gargoyles being sighted all over our fair realm. Well that was an understatement compared with what has been going on around here lately! Gargoyles have been invading cities and of all things, robbing banks! Yes, you heard me right, robbing banks!

After talking with some folks I have discovered a few of the missing pieces from my last article. It seems that after the invasions of Yew and Skara Brae by gargoyles not long ago, there was one piece of news that well, a certain group of bankers kept secret. As each of the invasions occurred, the bank in each of those towns was robbed! I must admit this wee “oversight” intrigued me so when I heard that gargoyles also invaded the towns of Occlo, Minoc and Magincia recently, I did what I do best, and stuck my nose into someone else’s business!

As I was snooping around, I discovered that in the towns of Yew, Skara Brae, Minoc and Magincia, the banks were robbed at the same times the invasions occurred. Banks were robbed and bankers killed, but in the two places I was able to find witnesses to the event, a light golden-colored gargoyle robbed both banks! Well, in Yew, it seems some folks did attack him in hopes to avenge the poor banker (I actually think it might have been some bank hireling not an actual banker) but the gargoyle escaped. As for Magincia, it seems the golden creature was slain but he was not alone! Another gargoyle must have snuck in with the golden creature - leaving the body of his slain comrade behind next to that of the banker - a witness said the other creature yelled out something about having a gem and flew out of the bank to disappear in the maze of city buildings. Not to let you think that Occlo was overlooked, though the gargoyles invaded there the bank was not robbed. A true invasion or a diversion, I will leave that up to you.

Now on to the real dirt, it seems that after 4 bank robberies, members of the banking community have decided to spill their guts and let the realm know what’s really going on. First, in their “official" statement, they wanted to reassure all residents that their personal assets are safe and secondly, that the gargoyles seem to be after a very specific item. (That should be items, but trust a banker to leave out an detail.) The "gem” the gargoyle stole was not just any gem but one of the very illusive and valuable Virtue gems.

If you are not up on Britainnian history it might be a good time for you to study up on the Virtue gems, though even history tomes have a tendency to leave out some of the best tidbits!

Why would the gargoyles want these precious stones? Well perhaps it is tied to the majestic Katazar, that dictionary and the gypsy nuisance Miss Tarina Faa.

Well, I am sorry that this article has to be such a quick one, so much is happening I only had a few brief moments to write this one before returning to the trail of interesting happenings... Oh yeah, one more thing, that Alae Rysear is way too happy and smiles way too much! What is up with that?

Till next time.