1999-12-03: Roberto Of Nujel'm Murdered

Catskills Edition

Roberto Of Nujel’m Murdered

Author: Erdeihl Published: December 3, 1999

The body of a middle-aged man was found yesterday in the marble temple located on one of the islands of the Brittany bay. The body was severely burned, but the guards from Britain dispatched to the scene discovered evidence which allowed for the identification of the body. None of the small island residents claim to have either seen or heard anything relevant to the case and at present no witnesses have come forward.

Scene of the crime His widow and two young children survive the victim, Roberto En’thrik. He belonged to an important family from Nujel’m and was said to have numerous enemies throughout the realm. His involvement in illegal activities was suspected, but nothing had ever been proven, and since the guards from Britain usually avoid interfering in the affairs of Nujel’m, we may never know for certain.

It has been speculated that this murder could be linked to the recent slaughter of a group of pirates on the southwestern tip of an island located just west of the Shrine of Valor, which is also currently being investigated.

Roberto, the murder victim Upon hearing of his brother’s untimely demise, Enyo En’thrik was said to have declared: “Someone will sorely pay for this tragedy! I won’t find rest until I see the head of the bastard who killed Roberto severed beneath the blade of a guillotine!”