1999-12-09: Silent Dread Creeps into the Land of Britannia

Silent Dread Creeps into the Land of Britannia

Dec 9 1999 11:51AM

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From the very beginning, Ultima Online players have asked the question, “Where is the evil in Ultima Online? Who is our nemesis?” As developers, we regularly receive messages asking for us to introduce evil on a par with the powerful antagonists from the classic Ultima.

Be careful what you wish for...

I warn you now, a great Evil has been plotting for some time to return to the world of Britannia. Be on guard. Prepare your guilds and mend your weapons, for this Evil is both a charismatic leader and a master of magic. So insidious is its intent that I must warn you to keep an eye on your fellow citizens, lest they be tempted to side with this new element of corruption.

Keep in mind, this Evil plots to destroy Lord British and control all of Britannia. Your lands and your way of life are at risk. I encourage you to seek out this evil and crush it before it has a chance to gain a foothold within your world, for if it is left to grow and fester, it will one day become unstoppable.

The world of Ultima Online may never be the same again.

You have been warned...

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