2000-01-12: Over? This party hasn’t even started yet…

Over? This party hasn’t even started yet…

Jan 12 2000 4:44PM

This was originally posted to Development at [1]

There has been a feature missing from UO since before it was launched. I remember that as a beta tester one of the first things I wanted to see added to the game was a party system. I wanted something that let me easily identify with other players, communicate with them and coordinate with them. I wanted something that didn’t require the kind of commitment associated with a guild. I wanted a Party System.

I wanted to be able to talk to any of my friends when they were in the game, at any time, without task switching. I wanted to be able to see where they were, anywhere in the world, so I could FIND them and meet up. I wanted my friends to be able to get my equipment off of my corpse without taking a reputation hit. I wanted to be able to cast spells on them easily, without mis-targetting. I wanted to be able to enter a dungeon with six of my buddies and work together as a team to clear the monsters out.

Well, it’s about time the Live Team did something about it. Soon, we’ll be adding our idea for a Party System to “In Concept,” but before we do, I’d like to get your initial thoughts on the idea. What do you want from the Party System? How should it differ from the Guild System? How should it interact with the Guild System? Would the reputation of one party member affect the reputation of other party members? How should players in a party be able to communicate? What other features would you add? Send your thoughts to [email protected]

Let’s get this party going!

-- SunSword Lead Designer