2000-01 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: January 2000

Ultima Online Newsletter - January
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1. Britannia Under Siege
2. Balhae and Formosa Shards Open
3. In Concept Updates
4. Test Center Enhancements
5. Upcoming Player Luncheons
6. January Spotlight Tales
7. Lord British Awards



Britannia Under Siege
Reports flood in from the far corners of Britannia, bearing news of the terrible siege laid down upon the loyal citizens of the lands. A foul stench fills the air as of a thousand rotting corpses. What horror is this that threatens the lives and welfare of the land? Who, or what, leads this evil rampage?
Read the latest tales of this menace in the Town Cryer



Balhae and Formosa Shards Open
Please join us in welcoming the latest additions to the Ultima Online shard lineup: Balhae and Formosa.
The Formosa shard brings Ultima Online a new location in Asia. Located in Taiwan, the shard bears the name given to Taiwan by Portugeuse explorers. Formosa means "beautiful" in Portugeuse.
Balhae is our second shard in the country of Korea and is named after a 7th century Korean dynasty.
For more details on these and other Ultima Online shard openings, please visit:



In Concept Updates
Tell us what you're thinking... about what we're thinking!
'In Concept' is a new section of our website where we present our ideas for Ultima Online and ask for your suggestions. Email us with yourcomments about hot issues such as character purging, stable masters, and changes to the guild system.
Visit In Concept



Test Center Enhancements
Have you visited Test Center lately? We've added a collection of new features to enhance your testing experience, and we're looking for testers!
Enthusiastic and thorough Test Center users may even be invited to take part in our new incentive program. Find bugs and earn bonus incentives!
For details on using Test Center and reporting bugs



Upcoming Player Luncheons
What happens when Mickey Mouse meets Britannia? You'll never know unless you attend the Disney World Ultima Online Player Luncheon! Join Ultima Online players from around the globe at Disney World in February.
Looking for an entertaining Player Luncheon with entertainment of a different sort? You might want to visit Las Vegas in February and stop by the Baja and Friends IRL Allmeet Player Luncheon.
We're thrilled to see Ultima Online players making connections outside the world of Britannia, and we're always willing to promote your player gatherings.
For more details on upcoming Player Luncheons



January Spotlight Tales
The world of Britannia is forever growing and changing. This month, we're spotlighting a few establishments and towns that have grown over the years - or are just starting out.
The schedule of January spotlights is:
January 7th: The City of Deepwater
January 14th: New Year's Goals
January 21st: The War and Roses Tavern
January 28th: City of Grimoire
To read these tales, please visit the Spotlight section



Lord British Award Winners
We are pleased to announce the following winner of The Lord British Award for Excellence in the Community.
Alton - Achievement in Community Organization
Alton has spent many hours organizing the Ultima Online Celebrity Chats. These chats provide a forum for the public to meet and talk with members of the UO team. Past guests have included LadyMOI and Calandryll.
For information on the Ultima Online Celebrity Chats