2000-02-01: From The Notes Of Ceridwen

Sonoma Edition

From The Notes Of Ceridwen

Author: Ceridwen Published: February 1, 2000

Rathham was dead.

“I’m afraid whatever secret we need to unravel the mystery of Valykere died with this old librarian on the evening two months past. That was in November, when all were still speculating on the deep indigo book he kept - and why he became so upset whenever it was mentioned. He was likely the only one who knew the contents of the Tome, and perhaps even of the enchantment that Valykere left on it - the enchantment that gave us the dark portent of Wind’s imminent danger. It is not worth worrying about now. Rathham is dead and gone, brutally murdered by Grythak and those damnable thieves, the Insidiae. If only I had followed the advice of so many friends, and accosted him about the book earlier. Perhaps then, even his death could have been somehow avoided.”

“Oh Fieya, my love, you are always so irritatingly stubborn. Once again at your archaeological work in the corners of the realm, and you won’t even tell me where you are! Well, by the time you’re ready for the ‘dig’ you’ve been so excited about, I’ll have found some who can keep watch over you, I promise that much. I’m sure I’ll have to send them under the pretense of helping with the work, of course - far from it for me to be able to act concerned about you without getting my head cut off!”

  • some illegible names are scribbled on the side of the page, followed by a question mark*

...“Soon the Colloquium of Wind will hold hearing on whether I should be allowed to read the Prophecies of the Ancient. I requested the book because I truly believe it may hold a clue regarding an imminent danger to the city of Wind. Granted, the ‘danger’ is very insubstantial at this point, but as history has shown time and again, the worst evils come from the most miniscule threats. I have sworn not to let history repeat itself. I had thought it a non-issue since I am a scholar of Wind, but someone instilled a doubt in the Colloquium - and I think I can guess who.”

  • some diagram resembling an eye is drawn on the side of the page*

"I can already tell from my talks with Kasara and a few others that the Colloquium will deny me access to the book, under what pretense I cannot imagine. Something is not right in the Colloquium. Ah well, I can still try to speak with the individual members who might have supported me and see if they can at least keep a vigilance in the city, in case the danger shows itself. Other than that I’m not sure how to continue.

The Voice, or leader, of the Colloquium sparks my curiosity. Xandrick had always been a man of clear intent while I was in Wind, even if he spent a surprising amount of time outside of the city proper. He seems very reserved now, and dangerously influential in the Colloquium. I will try to get an audience with him, I think."

  • a black blotch marks where the pen was laid on the paper*