2000-02-07: Xandrick: Criminal And Conspirator; Archmage’s Ambitions Remain A Mystery

Sonoma Edition

Xandrick: Criminal And Conspirator; Archmage’s Ambitions Remain A Mystery

Author: Ceridwen Published: February 7, 2000

There remains no doubt in my mind. Xandrick is a man with dangerous ambitions that threaten the great city of Wind. In late January, he requested the aid of warriors and magi on an undefined “project”. This project was the return of Sindl’s Flame from where it was being held in the Fiery Void. Many lives were lost when he opened the Fiery Portal, and some who attended question whether such an artifact is worth even one human life. Further, the associates who assisted him in the opening of the portal are often referred to as being self-interested criminals - often operating around, or even below the law.

Word reached me of a meeting between Xandrick and these questionable figures soon after the Flame was in Xandrick’s hands. Through valiant efforts of the brave men Katar and Phantom, much of Xandrick’s machinations can now be revealed to the public. First, and most surprising is the news that Grythak, the infamous master assassin and thief, rogue who fought my attempts to find Sindl’s Flame for months, is Xandrick’s person servant and guardian! At one point, Xandrick ordered the rogue to kill Katar and Phantom on the spot. Kalar barely escaped with his life, infected and bleeding after being severely injured by the green blade, Venom’s Bite.

I have neglected to mention the meeting place until now, as it is shocking in itself. They met at the bottom of the dungeon Hythloth, where Xandrick had placed Sindl’s Flame after stealing it for himself. The rightful owner of the Flame might indeed be the Colloquium of Wind, but no single person, and certainly not Xandrick. He has apparently learned a way to harness the fires of the Flame, as upon his command a wisp of the Flame formed into a fiery figure, and attacked Katar.

Unfortunately, the gathering of villains was moved to a new, hidden location and thus Xandrick’s ambitions were not revealed in full. Regardless, we know now that he is a criminal and a conspirator. He must be found and stopped before any harm can come to the society of Wind. If you see this man, or know anything further about him, contact me as soon as possible. I am available each Wednesday at 6pm PST at the Britain Public Library. Good luck, my friends.

-Ceridwen, historian of Britain.