2000-03-21: Comments from GM Scorch

Comments from GM Scorch

Mar 21 2000 4:05PM

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17 years ago, I went down to a friend’s basement to play games on their Atari 800. Usually, we played arcade type games like Pac-Man, Pong, or a tank game. This day was different though. They had gotten a new game, and we were all eager to play. The game box had a very different, dark look to it, as it had a picture of a demon on it. It was not the typical “happy” look of other games of the time. Game play was extremely different than we were used to, but very addictive. The game was called Ultima III: Exodus, and it was my introduction to the RPG world of Ultima. I can’t even begin to count the hours that we played that game. It brought a sense of teamwork, as we each picked a player and took turns entering the commands for our character. Here we are almost two decades later, and I am still very much involved in the Ultima line of games.

So, you’re probably saying to yourself, who is this person? Well, if you didn’t read the headline, I am GM Scorch. I am a Game Master for Ultima Online. You are probably now thinking, “Duh! I knew that much. Who are you?”

I have played the Ultima series ever since that evening in my friend’s basement. About three years ago, I found out about a beta test that would allow hundreds of people to play Ultima in an online world. I eagerly signed up for the beta test, and sent in my two bucks to get my CD. I have been hooked ever since.

I soon learned about the Counselor program. Seeing as how I already had a strong support background, I signed up. I was extremely excited when I was accepted, and so was born Counselor Bakura. You may remember Counselor Bakura from Lake Superior and Chesapeake. During my year and a half time as a Counselor, I assumed the different roles of Counselor, Elder, and Senior Counselor. I have always promoted fun in my free time by performing weddings and coordinating talent nights, where I would have players come to the Britain Counselor Hall to tell stories, jokes, and pretty much anything as long as it was in good taste.

As I mentioned, I have had a strong support background, including helpdesk jobs for major companies and network administration. I have also served time in the Army as an aircraft (helicopter) electrician. About six months ago, after bugging the Human Resources department to death, I was hired by Origin to be a Support Game Master. This has been a very exciting and enjoyable job. In my opinion, it is extremely beneficial to work for a company that you truly believe in. You would think that after working 10 hours a day supporting UO that I would shy away from playing the game. This is not so. I am still very much an active player. I always try to put myself in the shoes of the player when they call for help. I have always had a policy of giving the players an honest and straightforward answer. While you may not always be happy with the answer that I give you, rest assured that it is an honest one. I feel that I owe you that.

GM Scorch