2000-03-29: Comments from Warhau

Comments from Warhau

Mar 29 2000 1:53PM

This was originally posted to Web Group at [1]

It’s been a busy couple months for us in the web group. We have added close to one million characters to our MyUO web database. You can now see the actual paper dolls of every character in UO which was logged in within the past thirty days. These characters are updated once per night.

If you have a MyUO account you can log in to the web site and see most of the information about your personal characters including skills, stats, and short term murder count. You can also choose to turn on public display of your character stat page, so others can see information about your character.

We have also added MyUO support to the Japanese site at The Japanese site is a complete mirror of the English site. It contains all of the same features as the US site, and is updated daily.

Additionally, we have added a New Player Center in 6 languages for people who are just starting out in the game. If you are new to UO, you can visit for tips and rules to get started.

Finally, the Town Cryer was revamped into the new BNN Newspaper. You can find out the happenings throughout the land at

We have plans for many new features to be added to the site, to further enhanced the Ultima Online experience. So keep your eyes open!

As usual, if you have any issues, comments, or suggestions regarding UO.COM or MyUO, please feel free to write to me at [email protected]

Thanks and enjoy!