2000-03 Newsletter

Ultima Online Newsletter: March 2000

Ultima Online Newsletter - March
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>1>> Introducing MyUO Japan
>2>> Ultima Online hits 160k subscribers
>3>> Britannia News Network Opens
>4>> Ultima Online Renaissance
>5>> New Player Center
>6>> March Spotlights
>7>> Lord British Award Winner

Introducing MyUO Japan
Your personalized Ultima Online website - now in Japanese!
We're pleased to announce the opening of MyUO Japan
MyUO Japan offers all the customization of MyUO, including character pages, personalized news and events, and more - all in Japanese. And if you've already signed up for your FREE MyUO account, you can use it on the Japanese site as well!
To sign up for a FREE MyUO account

Ultima Online Reaches 160k Subscribers
Early this month, the number of players enjoying Ultima Online climbed to over 160,000. With players from around globe, from the frozen reaches of Antarctica to the mountains of Kazakhstan, Ultima Online has grown to the size of a small city - one in which you are a welcome member.
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping build Ultima Online into the thriving and successful community it is today. We couldn't have brought the world of Britannia to life without you!

Britannia News Network Merges with Town Cryer
It's a new century. And Britannia has a new source for news.
The Britannia News Network (formerly the Town Cryer) invites you to visit a whole new look and style. With all the stories of the original Town Cryer, the Britannia News Network offers shard specific news, new content, and the popular BNN Audio News broadcasts.
Visit the new Britannia News Network today

Ultima Online Renaissance
We're moving closer and closer to opening our virtual doors and inviting you to step inside the world of Ultima Online: Renaissance.
Join in an epic game of battle to control the cities of Felucca, or visit Trammel, the consensual PvP land where you'll find adventure battling monsters alone. Band together with friends using our new party system, or go solo and hone your combat skills against our enhanced monster intelligence.
Watch for more Renaissance details

Ultima Online New Player Center
Are you new to Ultima Online and unsure of where to go, or what you should try first?
The Ultima Online New Player Center is filled with tips and hints for new players and veterans alike. Let us help you choose a profession, take your first steps in Britannia, and meet the staff at work around you.
Check out the UO New Player Center, in any of five languages, at:

March Spotlights
Join us in March as we spotlight tales of the Battle of Trinsic and its affect on the lives of the people of Britannia.
The schedule of March spotlights is:
March 3rd: Battle for Trinsic
March 10th: Battle for Trinsic - Juo'nar's Entrance
March 17th: Battle for Trinsic - A Bard's Tale
March 24th: Battle for Trinsic - Dancing with Malabelle
March 31st: Battle for Trinsic
To read these tales, please visit the Spotlight section of the website

Lord British Award Winners
We are proud to announce the following winner of The Lord British Award for Excellence in the Community.
Smythe - Achievement in Community Building
Smythe has devoted many hours to Ultima Online as the founder and director of the Cap and Dagger Casino on the Great Lakes shard. The Cap and Dagger celebrated its one-year anniversary in February.
For more information on The Cap and Dagger Casino