2000-04-05: Minax And Malabelle Appear To Have Destroyed One Another

Siege Perilous Edition

Minax And Malabelle Appear To Have Destroyed One Another

Author: Matthew the Bard Published: April 5, 2000

Dupre stared absently at the flickering light of the candle as his callused hands idly smoothed the sheets of parchment on the writing desk. “By all accounts," a regal voice was saying, "They exist no more within the realm of the living. He has gone over the site a number of times and said so himself.”

A low sigh escaped Dupre’s lips. “I do not doubt the word of Nystul, my liege. Yet even thou must admit that there was some hesitation in his voice." Spreading the papers out in front of him, he pointed to one of the reports. "His own words were, ‘No evidence of the two was located in or near Trinsic.’" He paused to let the words sink in though they had been read numerous times already. "Nothing here states a corpse was found. Of either of them.”

“My friend," the other began. "Sometimes ye must believe in people and accept their word. If Nystul believes Malabelle and that temptress Minax destroyed each other, I believe him. The magic unleashed by their battle coupled with the attempt Nystul and myself made to shift facets could leave no other option. Nystul himself mentioned we were lucky to still be amongst the living with so great a disruption in the flows of magic.”

“Aye. I myself did fear for thy safety, lord. Such risks seem foolish at times, yet I admit they must be taken." A smile between friends graced the paladin’s features. "Though I still believe the king should delegate his duties much more than ye do.”

“One must rule by example, my friend.” The other replied with a touch of old spirit gracing his features.

“Bah, thou doth simply use that as an excuse to gallivant around." Dupre chuckled as he rose to his feet. Offering a graceful bow he stepped towards the door. "But it is late and thou doth need thy rest, m’lord. My mind now lays at rest as to the fate of the two in Trinsic. I shall spread the word as I am able and place others’ minds at ease as well. Until next, lord.”

Lord British nodded and watched as the door closed behind the departing figure. For many moments he simply stood there, staring off into the distance. With a brief shake of his head as if to clear it, he moved towards the small pile of paper resting within the candle’s glow. Sitting down slowly he grabbed the first sheet and began to read… a look of worry gracing his features.