2000-04-28: One House per Account per Shard

One House per Account per Shard

Players will only be allowed to own one house per account on each shard. The system will not be retroactive and current house owners will not be forced to redeed houses if they have more than one. For accounts that already own more than one house, the system works in the following manner:

When you successfully find a proper location to place a house, a window will appear before you place the house.

The window will tell you that if you place this new house, all of your other houses on that shard will not be refreshable.

If you select “ok” the house will be placed and your other houses will be marked as “condemned”.

All of your condemned houses will be refreshed automatically. This will give you the full amount of time (approximately 10 days) to move your items to the new house.

You will not be able to refresh a condemned house.

You will still be able to enter your other houses, redeed them, and/or transfer them to another player.

After placing a house, you will not be able to place another house for 10 days.

Accepting transfer of a house while owning other houses will cause the houses to be marked as "condemed".