2000-06-13: Comments from the United Kingdom (Cordicat)

Comments from the United Kingdom

Jun 13 2000 10:26AM

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‘R U BZY?’

This was my very first communication with someone online.

It was during my first semester at University. The computer cross-campus network was held together via a VAX cluster, and although I didn’t know it back then, using MSG was going to lead me to a very different life. It wasn’t an easy system. You needed to log into VAX A,B or C, and hunt out someone to talk to. Everyone had clinical login names like Benjamin4, and my classy Elizabeth8. I met a guy, who knew a guy, who persuaded me to type 'telnet' and a series of seemingly random numbers. Seven years later and my world has become a very different place.

I've experienced the addictive roller coaster of fun, fighting, friendship, care and clashes that comes to everyone who embraces an online existence. I've designed fiendish killing fields, written wedding ceremonies, built up a religion based around a pantheon of Gods, fought in hack and slash parties, run for town council, mixed with people from all over the world, mourned the fallen, designed, built and written websites, marveled at the intricacies and depth of UO, and existed for some of this time on caffeine only. The profound effect it has had on me strikes me most when I'm holding a drink and chatting to someone I only know by their little nametag.

Somewhere amidst this chaos I've found time to work for a UK ISP, Gremlin Interactive (now Infogrames), and arrive here at the EA Campus, watching the swans play at lunchtime.

I'm now online an unhealthy amount of time. I enthuse so much people want to tranquilize me. I'd never give it up.

What brings me to this UK outpost as European Community Manager? Well, anyone who plays from Europe or plays on the European Shards knows the answer to this one. Deepwater, Dragon Town, Clowntown, Fenric and his Spiritwood Lottery (which I have failed to win quite consistently now) to name but a few places. ERPA and others, striving valiantly to promote roleplay, and much, much more. It's an incredible mix of many languages, much diversity, strong feelings and purpose.

So, I'm here to head up a local strike force by working alongside Calandryll to bring as much to the European community as possible. With the soon to be hired European IGM, we aim to bring both global and localized events, quests and plots to Europa and Drachenfels. I'm here to listen, respond, and stick a flag in the ground. (Oh, and we need another GM and some more Euro counselors too - apply now!)

I'm thrilled to be here. The outlook is bright, the talent is great, the creative direction is thriving, and the summer in Europe is coming. Eventually.

I'm sure we'll speak soon.