2000-06-15: Interview With A Dragon

Chesapeake Edition

Interview With A Dragon

Author: Cordell Swiftmender Published: June 15, 2000

Have you ever spoken with a dragon?

If you are among those who reside in the dead forests north of Vesper, I would not be surprised if you answered, “aye.”

Although many have taken to Lord British’s example and traveled into the fresh and lively facet of Trammel, there still exist communities that continue to maintain their homes in Felucca. In the township known as Aryslan, the decision to remain has been met with opposition, given that raids by trolls still occur all too often.

But I digress. I am Cordell Swiftmender, and in my travels I have beheld many an amazing sight... though few would match the two sights I have often been privy to as of late. The first would be the resolve of these Aryslanites and those whom they would call friends. Their efforts to defend their town are an incredible feat.

Secondly, and more recently, a truly magnificent beast has taken to wandering the dead forests. Sapphire scales shining in the sunlight, it is a dragon unlike any other I have seen, though in truth I have seen but four. This dragon, known by the name of Zephyr, speaks the common tongue as easily as any man. He is truly an intelligent and knowledgeable being, albeit mysterious. Why he has recently decided to roam these lands is unknown. Some watch him in awe... others watch him with a leery gaze, hesitant to accept the dragon with wide open arms.

Always a man of curiosity, I took it upon myself to catch up with this dragon as it was departing from Aryslan shortly after it had aided in fending off a sizable movement of trolls. I penned the notes of my conversation down and, with the dragon’s permission, place the dialogue here for your eyes.

Cordell: I am fortunate to have this honor. My thanks. You said you are known as Zephyr?

Zephyr: Aye. That is correct.

Cordell: Aryslan and the surrounding woods have been fortunate to be... blessed by your presence. Might I ask what draws you here? Is your lair here perhaps and you have been sleeping a long time? Do you have... associates here?

Zephyr: My reasons are my own, healer. I mean no ill will, that much I will say.

Cordell: You have on many an occasion come to the aid of the citizens of Aryslan... out of the kindness of your heart it would appear.

Zephyr: The trolls are but fleas. I merely provide another means of scratching.

Cordell: I see..... Zephyr, it has been told to me that you... “test” many whom you come in contact with. Could you speak more of this, and what its purpose is?

Zephyr: Aye, I do send the Winds upon those whom I wish to test. It is fairly simple, healer. I will only help those who can to some degree help themselves first. I will not be someone’s crutch. I will not fight every battle Aryslan faces.

Cordell: Not even from Maz...

Zephyr: Speak not his name! He listens, I am sure. That one... seems to guard his tower quite well. You would be wise to keep yourself a fair distance from his tower. The dead walk about there, and grow fiercer with every moon that passes. Something stirs there...

Cordell: And what of you? You speak as if you have been there often.

Zephyr: Creatures of bone are little more nuisance than the bags of meat the trolls are. I will travel as I please.... fly where I wish.

Cordell: The locals fear an impending prolonged conflict with not only the trolls, but Ma... “his” undead legions as well. Will you seek to end this?

Zephyr: He is an evil which must be purged from this land. And by whatever means are necessary, I shall help such come about. If you will excuse me, healer, I fly for the skies, to see from high above what movements await the land.

At this point he took off before I had a moment to bid safe journey. Written word does not do the conversation complete justice, though. He is arrogant, confident, and considers those forces attacking the land to be of little consequence. I have no doubt that in the eyes of a dragon, that may be true. Regretfully, I did not learn as much as I had hoped I would and my intent is to wander the area for a while, speaking to others and gathering more information on these events which plague the land. My services as a healer will also be open to those in need of them, so if you see me wandering about, please stop me, gain my aid, and tell me what you know that it may be chronicled better here.