2000-06-20: Lizardmen Uprising In The Swamps Near Trinsic

Drachenfels Edition

Lizardmen Uprising In The Swamps Near Trinsic

Author: Amelina, Town Cryer of Britain Published: June 20, 2000

The merchant Senius was traveling from Trinsic to Britain as he did every day, to sell his good wares to the rich citizens of Britain. The sun was shining and it was a warm day. A truly nice day, but Senius did not know that his life was in danger. He was walking with his packhorse nearby when a group of Lizardmen blocked the road in front of him. In moments, another group of Lizardmen blocked the road behind him. A trap! Senius felt he was in real danger. He did not have time to react: the Lizardmen attacked from all the directions before he could even wield his Quarter Staff. The scaled warriors left Senius mortally wounded on the ground beside the road. He was lucky. A group of hunters heard his cries and came to help.

Attacks like this were happening more and more often. The Captain of the Guard, Asiris, was ordered to put an end to these attacks. It was first decided to send some scouts north of Trinsic. T’was truly a surprise when the scouts came back telling that they spotted an army of Lizardmen gathering in the swamp north of Trinsic. They seemed to be led by a chieftain called Sysser. He was organizing an uprising of all the Lizarmen tribes near Trinsic. The main camp of this Lizardman army was located in the swamp south west of Trinsic. T’was there that Sysser was realizing his diabolic plans.

The situation was clear: the Lizardmen had to be stopped and Sysser had to be killed. T’was not a time to think, but a time to act. The Captain of the Guard, Asiris, needed to gather a sizable group to stop the Lizardmen. T’was his decision to recruit the best warriors he could find at the First Bank of Britain. Here he was able to gather a strong group of warriors, in addition to a group of mages - a few of which had managed to tame mighty dragons.

The rest is history. The Britain Army lead by Asiris first attacked the Lizardmen tribes in the swamp north of Trinsic. Here they encountered some resistance - but nothing that could stop warriors so well trained. The army then moved to the camp of Sysser, South West of Trinsic. Here they found many tribes of Lizardmen protecting the Chieftain Sysser. They fought until only a single Lizardmen was left alive. T’was a long fight that left many warriors injured, and some dead, among the Britain Army lead by Asiris. However, in the end, the brave warriors, mages, and dragons were finally able to kill the last remaining Lizardman, the mighty Chieftain Sysser himself. The bodies of the vile beasts covered the ground, and though many brave warriors were wounded that day, once again the citizens of Britain were able to win an important battle against the forces of evil, no doubt saving the lives of many innocents.

Thank you, to all the brave warriors that fought that day.