2000-06-26: Albino Harpy Slain!

Sonoma Edition

Albino Harpy Slain!

Author: Theorid Temper Published: June 26, 2000

Generic, Pheonixgaurd of the Arcadian 1st, won the 10,000 gold purse in The Journey’s End semiweekly trophy hunt last Thursday eve. This semi-weekly hunt sponsored by Gerald Montil, is said to attract adventurers with a passion for hunting rare and dangerous beasts.

Generic, as well as many other hunters, went in search of an Albino Harpy said to be disturbing the quiet residents of mainland Skara Brae. Though not a challenge in itself, the Albino Harpy did appear to have a trick or two up its sleeve. This odd beast had the ability to transform into a small forest bird when threatened, apparently trying to hide from would-be hunters. This did not slow down the hunters, however, whom managed to kill the beast with little harm to themselves.

Though the Albino Harpy itself did little harm, her flock of harpy protectors did manage to do some damage to those who would attack them.

The Hunts take place again in 2 weeks time, on July 6th at 7:00 PM PST, at The Journey’s End Tavern located just south of the Encyclopedia Magicka in Moonglow (Felluca).