2000-07-01: The Rescue

Lake Superior Edition

The Rescue

Author: Cheyne Aybara Published: July 1, 2000

It was a beautiful day at the Abbey and I had met a gypsy bard telling stories near the Winery. Spatzo was his name, and tall tales seemed to be his passion. It was in the middle of one of Spatzo's stories that a wounded young man stumbled up to us crying for help. The two of us quickly rushed him inside the Abbey where we found Calum Carter, the hunter known as "Grizzly".

The wounded man's leg was bruised and appeared useless, so we sat him down to find out what happened. Theobald was his name, and he told us that he was searching out plots of land with his wife-to-be so that they could start building following their marriage. Theobald's head was bloody and he seemed to be losing consciousness, so Spatzo asked questions quickly.

The soothing bard was able to find out that Theobald's fiance, Gina, had been captured by orcs nearby. There appeared to be no motive for the attack at all. Grizzly carried Theobald to the healers in the West wing of the Abbey and asked them to take care of him. Spatzo spread the word and gathered a lynch mob ready to take the girl back from the orcs.

Thirty to fourty citizens quickly gathered to find the girl and hang the creatures that were guilty. Within moments, the mob found the orcs at their fort and reconsidered their attack. Hundreds of orcs were at the orc fort that night. The citizens fought bravely, but more help was needed. Numerous citizens fell to the overwhelming odds at the hands of the sadistic orc mobs. It appeard that there was little time, however, as feminine screams poured from within the orc fort.

A number of brave adventurers, Enix, Lothar, Samara and a large group of the Order of the Silver Serpents, sworn protectors of Lord British's rule, made an entrance into the fort. On their tails, many orc haters spewed into the fort to take down the blood red orc leaders. But the numbers were still too great. Mages escorted Gina to Skara Brae amidst the fighting to get her to safety, but it did not save those who stood to protect her. More orcs found their way to the fort that night and for countless hours the orcs battled those who were trespassing.

The Yew forces fell back to fight another day, their job done for this evening. Grizzly carried word back to the Abbey and Theobald that his wife-to-be was safe in Skara and that he could have an escort when the healers said he was well. Theobald thanked the countless adventurers before heading back to the beds in the Abbey. When went to check on him hours later, I discovered he had snuck out during the night, headed in the direction of Skara Brae.

Happy honeymoon Theobald!