2000-07-08: Dramatics At The Zoo

Pacific Edition

Dramatics At The Zoo

Author: Xavius Creel Published: July 8, 2000

Yesterday in Moonglow local officials had their hands full when the animals and monsters escaped from the Moonglow Zoo. It was reported that local groundskeeper of the zoo, Darien Volksta, fell asleep on the job near one of the elemental cages in which a fire elemental used a telekinesis spell to take the keys from the grounds keeper. However, when questioned Darien had the following to say, “I don’t know what happened, I was checking the elementals to make sure they had been fed, then I felt a sharp pain and the next thing I know I woke up and all the doors were unlocked.”

An eye witness report from an anonymous source says that a shady character was seen in the zoo following the grounds keeper for most of the day. Despite this information, grounds keeper Darien Volksta has been put on leave for an unknown amount of time without pay. With all the mystery shrouding this incident I for one will walk a little more lightly around the Moonglow Zoo.