2000-07-11: A Startling Discovery

Pacific Edition

A Startling Discovery

Author: Krystalynn Published: July 11, 2000

I was wandering through Britain this morning when I walked into The Cat’s Lair and saw Renarius sitting at the bar. He looked a little worn, but had a smile on his face bigger than I had seen on him before. He was more than happy to tell me what had happened when I asked him why he seemed so happy.

The day before, as he has done every day for the past several years, he went out mining in the caves north of the Dungeon UO:Coveteous. He mines every day to collect as much ore as he can carry to smelt into ingots. These ingots, he in turn, sells to the blacksmiths so as to support his growing family. On this occasion, something unusual occurred during his normal trip to the mines.

He went in the mine early in the morning, and started digging way in the back. He hit the rock several times and suddenly discovered that he had struck a gold vein. He was so excited that he kept digging. After some more digging, he struck a large spider’s nest and out of the walls came huge spiders, one of which had a golden sheen to its skin. Renarius said that he ran out of there so fast that he didn’t know where he was going, and ended up in Britain. As quickly as possible, he gathered a party of warriors to help him combat the spiders, offering to share his findings with them.

The five of them ran off to the caves, encountering several vile creatures on the way. When they arrived at the caves, the spiders were there, waiting for them. After a bitter struggle they managed to kill all of the spiders, including the strange golden leader. Victory was theirs! When it was all over, Renarius rewarded each warrior with 1000 Gold, as well as a few ingots and gems he had collected on other digs.

When asked again why he was so happy, he replied, “My family can now live and not have to worry about clothing and shelter. The gold mine has helped me in giving support and protection for my family.”