2000-07-18: Britannian Games: Day One

Lake Superior Edition

Britainnian Games: Day One

Author: Autumn Sarn Published: July 18, 2000

For those looking for something to do this week,the Britainnian Games are quickly becoming the only place to be. We’re pleased tobring you the final results of the first evening of competition after the threeperson foot race and the glorious opening races of the Winner Circle Racetrack.

Gathering at the Winner’s Circle, hopeful contestants ran several practice lapsto get ready for the competition as they waited for the conclusion of the footrace. Much talk was in the air of Thalia, the mysterious item she was carryingon Sunday and the odd circumstances of her death. The outer rim of the track wasalso buzzing with news of the orc attacks and speculation of who would walk awaythe winner in the horse races.

Lady Temesa of the Lycaeum, attending the races with her cousin Lady Tiraste andJohn Cainbridge of the Mage Tower, was questioned as to the possible nature ofthe item but steadfastly refused to speculate on its origin without “a bitmore research” and seeing the object. The professor is well known throughthe realm for her knowledge of history and research skill.

Geirrod Aello of the Vesper Hostel efficiently assisted Calum“Grizzly” Carter in officiating the horse races. Unfortunately therewas no sign of young Miss Avalloc (a frequent sight at Mr. Aello’s side) orVincent Sphire, although both were mentioned several times over the course ofthe night.

Three heats were held and after a bit of confusion it was decided to signifythe start of each race by the firing of a fireworks wand. At the end of thenight Legolas of Yew walked off the track with first place making anunmistakable artistic-worthy finish, Mark O’ of Tel’Ruid trotted in with second,and Pixel Grinner of Serpent’s Hold rode home this fine summer evening withthird place. Running away with first place in the relay race was Moonglow’s team(Hannah, Swang, and Cynan). The second place team (Harka, Sir Lags Alot, andCloud) came all the way north from Delucia to participate. Nujel’m should bequite pleased with its third place finish, comprised of Pixel Grinner, DokenWarHawk, and Tralop. Honorable mention goes to team four (Trinity, Myshra andAdam Sandlar), but they did not earn any points towards their city’s overallscore.

Not only did each winner walk away tonight with a prize, but they also earnedpoints towards their town team’s overall score! That brings Monday evening’sevents to a close with the current standings:

First - Yew and Moonglow
Second - Delucia and Tel’Ruid
Third - Nujel’m and Serpent’s Hold

Coming up at the Britainnian Games:

7:30 PM CST
Archery contest at the Sturdy Bow shop
Available for teams and solo participants. No magic bows will be allowed toensure fairness.
9:00 PM CST - 10:00 CST Empath Abbey
Lumberjacking race and Deer hunting contest
The housing commission has declared this a day to place. There will be no gameson this day. Good luck!

See you all at the Games!