2000-07-26: Closing Of The Games

Lake Superior Edition

Closing Of The Games

Author: Cheyne Aybara Published: July 26, 2000

The final day of competition at the Britainnian Games was filled with humor and excitement as the final calculations were being drawn up to determine the overall winner of the games. The day’s events were set to be a tailoring contest, a drinking contest, a scavenger hunt, and a bardic contest.

Though competitors lined up with a face of seriousness for each event, theirspirits were quickly lightened upon seeing the friendliness of the opposition.All of the contestants were eagerly looking forward to Tuesday’s AwardsCeremony.

The day’s first event was a tailoring competition which provided all thecompetitors with 150 leather and a few sewing kits. Their goal: to craft as manypieces of leather from the stock as possible. Full suits, exceptional pieces,and GM marked goods were awarded with extra scores. The city of Moonglow on thefacet of Trammel took home both the first place award, which went to Geo, aswell as the third place, Hannah. In second place, Joylah, representing theTrammel facet of Yew. This proved to be a sign for the day’s events as Yew andMoonglow would be pushing each other harder and harder as the day went along.

Following the tailoring event, the game titled “the silliest thing we couldcome up with” by its sponsors, Yew’s Winner’s Circle Track was home to adrinking competition. The contestants were given bottles of ale and asked tohead to their marks on the track. The contestants downed their entire bottle ofale and were instructed to race around the track in the wrong direction!

Three awards were dropped on the track in random locations and the folks whopicked them up were awarded the prizes as well as the points. Nexus, AceMcCloud, and Valiant carried home some silly prizes, but had fun in the processwe were told.

The scavenger hunt, the meat of all the games due to points going directly tothe city’s overall scores, was to take place between all the cities ofBritainnia. The contenders were given a large list of items that seemed quitestrange to the contestants, but points were awarded based on the difficulty offinding each item. All the cities competed well for the entire hour that theywere given. When the hour’s time was called, crateloads of goods were brought to Yew for Grizzly Carter, coordinator of the games, to total.

After spending what seemed like eons, Grizzly found his way to the front of thecrowd and announced the winners. The elven city of Tel’Ruid took first place.Following close behind was the Trammel Facet of Yew, and shortly behind them,the Trammel facet of Moonglow.

The last event for the day was the bardic contest, which was judged andcoordinated by two bards, Lady Leanne and Lady Julietta from the Britain MusicConservatory. The contestants all performed pre-rehearsed programs for thejudges, but then were surprised when they were required to compete in a second,improvisational round. Picky performed a prop-story, Shamus told of his trialsto become a lord and his days as a murderer, John Cainbridge performed a pieceabout his dearest Clio Temesa, and the lass Hannah recited a beautiful poem.When the judges finalized their decisions, Cainbridge came home with the firstplace award, followed closely by Hannah and Picky, both from the Trammel facetof Moonglow.

The Awards Ceremony for the Britainnian Games will take place on Tuesday at 8pmCST. All the winners who competed for the teams of Moonglow (Trammel), Yew(Trammel) and Tel’Ruid (Felucca) are asked to attend. There will be an awardwaiting for each.