2000-07-30: The Undead Arise Near Cove

Pacific Edition

The Undead Arise Near Cove

Author: Zarkhon Xenok Published: July 30, 2000

“Large groups of Undead spotted in and around the Cove Cemetery” shouted the towncriers. I quickly ran over to the bank and recalled to near the cemetery with myquill, ink and parchment in my pack.

T’was quite a sight I came upon when I arrived, and it is lucky that hiding isone of my better talents. Taking cover behind a nearby tree, I took in a sceneof shock. Liches, Bone Mages, Bone Knights, Spectres, Wraiths, Ghouls, Zombiesand a horde of skeletons were all about the area. My eyes spotted a few poorsouls whom the evil forces had slain as well.

Things were going poorly for the heroes at first but it was not long before manymore brave souls arrived. They fought off wave after wave of undead, whichseemed to sprout forth from the ground. Not only were they appearing inside thegraveyard but outside of it as well.

Upon seeing the evil forces defeated, I watch as the brave heroes assisted thosethat had fallen gather up their belongings and return to town. What could havestirred up the creatures? Will they rise up again and perhaps in even greaternumbers? Who, if anyone, leads this group? Only time will tell, says thisreporter.