2000-08-09: Undead Invasion In Moonglow On A Sunny Afternoon!

Great Lakes Edition

Undead Invasion In Moonglow On A Sunny Afternoon!

Author: George Blades Published: August 9, 2000

Today in the middle of the afternoon as I took my afternoon walk through the city of Moonglow in the land of Trammel, I received reports from various townsfolk of a nasty battle in the graveyard.

The cemetary of Moonglow south of the Bank suffered an invasion of various undead such as Bone Knights, Bone Magi, Spectres, Wraiths, and Liches. They kept coming one after another: one would be slain and another would rise. Unfortunately, there were a few casualties due to a lack of citizenry available to help clear out this horde of evil beings. With much carnage and preserverance those that did manage to stay alive succeeded in containing the invasion. Victory again is ours! Thank you to those citizens of Moonglow.