2000-08-14: About the Recent Mining Additions

About the Recent Mining Additions

I am very concerned and troubled over what I have been reading from home since yesterday about the new item introduced. I will start from the beginning to summarize: A new item was introduced. This item, as with the others so far, have not been announced. Details about the items have been kept secret. Many players like this, and understand that doing this is meant to provide fun and discovery. Finding out how the items work, and where to get them has produced a lot of positive feedback. Now I'll continue on to this latest item. Rumors started spreading that were incorrect, saying OSI was causing monsters to spawn on miners as they worked. This really portrayed an inaccurate picture, so I gave some hints. We posted a story that helped explain the occurrances on BNN and linked to it from the mining threads on here. Still the incorrect rumors grew. Some players even stated they were cancelling their accounts, based on incorrect information. The truth is, your mining has not changed unless you use this special item. You don't have to participate if you dont want to with it.

However, what I am troubled about is the underlying anger with OSI. I and Calandryll have been working hard the past few months to improve the relationship between the players and OSI. We have been the voice of the players in meetings here and so forth. Sometimes it is a loud voice, but we feel that better communication between those that work on UO and those that play it is essential. Designers for UO are personally going to the players and asking for input. Recently when there were concerns from players over the lock down changes, I asked for good information from them. They needed to tell their side of the story, and I wanted to hear it. I passed along all information that would provide a better understanding. As far as I was concerned, this needed a closer look and with the players help we were able to get good feedback. Designer Sage responded to this concern. He replied that the lock down changes did need a re-structure of some type, one that would work better for the players (including player run establishments). This is good communication and something that I want to continue.

I will conclude by saying this: If a change comes about that you do not like, then come and talk to me about it. Before seeking out the cancellation page, come to these boards or my email and let me know your concerns. There may be things about the change that you are not aware of, or perhaps you can tell me what is wrong and I can get a line of communication open between you and the Dev Team. Not everyone in the game will be happy about everything. We have many thousands of players, all with different needs. However this underlying feeling that OSI does not care or will not help the players is something I am determined to correct. Whenever the players are upset, I see this. Whenever players say they will cancel their accounts without even knowing the entire story or talking to me first, then I see this. What I see is that the communication and relationship between UO and it's players needs improvement. With any relationship, both sides must become involved and be willing to participate. We are heading down a new direction that will hopefully improve gameplay within UO. One example is the addition of new items. Such a change on this scale is uncommon for UO. There are many more changes as well, all of which we hope will improve the gameplay for our players and make things more fun. As we head in this new direction, I need to be able to talk to you as a player and hear your opinions. I also need to hear your complaints. Rumors can hinder good communication especially when given credit by any who hear it.

Communicating and adding unaccounced items seem like two opposites. We still want the fun of unannounced items and will continue with that. However we do not want such additions to be a negative impact. I am hopeful that you see our desire to improve communication with our players. I am also hopeful that by continuing in this pattern that we can break down any barriers that might exist.


Online Community Coordinator

Ultima Online

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