2000-09-19: Dead Sheep Tell No Tales

Lake Superior Edition

Dead Sheep Tell No Tales

Author: Myron Reuben Published: September 19, 2000

Sheep are no uncommon sight in our land, but residents of Destiny recently found an unusual number wandering into their town. Curiosity led these residents to discover the cause of the sheep’s presence... In a clearing not far to the west of town lay the body of a man, identified as a shepherd by the crook which lay beside him. His unfortunate end was not a further mystery, as surrounding the body was what witnesses described as a forest of reapers!

A witness reports, “The reapers were a bit eerie. They seemed to just be watching us as we considered what the dead shepherd was all about. I’ve never seen so many reapers before, but we made fairly short work of them all.”

The consensus seemed to be that such a sight was certainly out of the ordinary, and the more excitable residents were happy to spin yarns for the younger townsfolk. “There were a lot of reapers, and every time we fought one, a big floating eye appeared!" exclaimed one. An older gentleman was happy to regale this reporter with an account of how he single-handedly decimated the army of daemons behind the whole affair. Meanwhile, others muttered that it was all the fault of "those darned mages.”

The incident seemed not to weigh at all on the minds of residents during Destiny’s recent picnic auction. So far no one has come forward who knew the slain shepherd, nor has the occurrence been linked with any known missing persons.

The favored speculation among the guards manning the nearby guard post is that a hermit simply chose the wrong tree under which to rest and watch his sheep. Given the obvious cause of death, the guards