2000-09-24: Undead In Britain

Great Lakes Edition

Undead In Britain

Author: Cara Newsman Published: September 24, 2000

Greetings! This is Cara Newsmen your combat chronicler. Today I bring you a tale of undead from the cemetery in Britain. On a return trip from Dungeon Despise, my ear caught the sound of combat coming from the cemetery. Never one to pass up a possible news story, I pulled pen and parchment from my pack and headed toward the battle. The normally peaceful cemetery of Britain was overrun by the walking dead. The haunting howls of wraiths intermingled with the cackles of skeletons and the power-hungry laughter of liches.

At first it simply appeared to be skeletons, zombies, and liches. However, as the fighting went on the strength of the monsters seemed to increase. I could see bone knights and skeletal mages crawling their way up out of the ground to attack anything that passed near them. Wraiths rose from the ground like steam from a hot pool and spirited their way among the crypts. It almost seemed as if the undead were driven by some powerful force, focusing their attacks on individuals instead of roaming about.

Just as it seemed that the folk of Britain were making headway against the undead, the rotting stench of mummies came floating through the air. The liches had been replaced by lich lords and there were more bone knights and skeletal mages chasing after defenders. It seemed as if the undead were trying to separate the defenders from each other. Some few fell victim to the attacks of the undead. Fortunately, there were wandering healers in the area who soon rejoined spirit to flesh.