2000-09-29: Shrine Of Sacrifice Scene Of Slaughter

Great Lakes Edition

Shrine Of Sacrifice Scene Of Slaughter

Author: Cara Newsman Published: September 29, 2000

Greetings readers. In the headlines today a most unusual attack at the Shrine of Sacrifice northeast of Vesper. On my way to Minoc for a miner’s convention, my boat was docked in Vesper where I overheard the town crier calling for help to stop a group of evil mages and their cohorts as they attempted to gain control of the Shrine of Sacrifice. I found two gates nearby both indicating that they led to the scene. Pulling quill and parchment from my pack, I followed a stream of adventurers into the gates.

Ogres and Orcs and Mages, Oh my! No sooner had we stepped from the gate than we were surrounded by these minions of evil. Swords flashed in the afternoon light while arrows and spells went sizzling through the air. I found cover behind some trees and began drawing.

The fight seemed to range all around the area of the Shrine. There were Ettins, orcs and Mages inside the shrine area as well as some brigands roaming the area just outside. Scattered groups of Mages and their hirelings roamed around, chasing down anyone who came near them.

One liberator of the shrine was not as lucky as his fellows. As he attempted to dive through the gates back to the safety of Vesper, he was struck down. His shade appeared to stand in shock at the gate, hovering over his slowly cooling body.

Small pockets of resistance soon broke up the onslaught and the monsters were slowly beaten back until only a few stragglers remained. As the battle drew to its conclusion, the mystical gates that led back to town evaporated and another gate near to the shrine opened, offering the fighters left a “One Way” ride back to Vesper.

No prisoners were taken and no clues left behind as to why these mages attempted to take the Shrine. Were they simply disgruntled outcasts from Moonglow? Were they in the hire of some darker authority? As of yet, the questions remain. Only time will tell us more. Until next time, I’m Cara Newsman your Combat Chronicler signing off. May the virtues be with you.